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The premium fragrance brand TUMI took over the Glass site in Fenwick Newcastle showcasing the latest

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

“With Kinetic we wanted to set out to create something that invoked the idea of motion, moving forward and vibration. We not only looked at the fragrance notes, but we also examined the bottle design. We explored everything that resonated with TUMI and chose our deep TUMI red which transitions with an ombre effect from dark black, colours that TUMI is known for. The red vibrancy that gets electrified with the cap signifies our next endeavour within the fragrance world. We are always looking to move forward and stay in constant motion as we continue our pursuit for all the global citizens,” says TUMI Creative Director, Victor Sanz

KINETIC [--: -- GMT] is a seductive yet ultra-masculine fragrance that draws its strength from the power of vibration. The top note reveals a new generation of amber with diffusive notes of Amberwood, balancing the sparkling effect of Italian Mandarin and Pimento Leaves. As the scent unfolds, vibrant and spicy notes of Olibanum, Everlasting Flower, and Nutmeg, harmoniously blend on the skin. The dry down's big aura instinctively attracts with notes of Smoky Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Teakwood, creating the ultimate signature.

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