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Carine Roitfeld takes the Cube Site in Harrods

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Carine Roitfeld’s 7 Lovers Collection was showcased on the Cube Site in Harrods in September.

Through seven captivating fragrances personifying seven unforgettable lovers in seven iconic cities, Carine evokes the lifetime of adventure and sensuality that has guided her to the furthest reaches of the world. As seductive and emblematic as the men who inspired them, the fragrances symbolize her insatiable quest for romance, passion, experiences and love.

Her fragrance evokes a fearless passion and eternal mystique. As fashion’s most celebrated, sought after, and highly regarded editor, Carine Roitfeld has defined the style of our time. She is a creative visionary with a singular point of view, bringing dreams to life in the pages of her magazines. She is the physical embodiment of style today, able to charge her images with the forces of power, humour, and desire. She is a mother, grandmother, partner, and muse. She infuses her work with the depth of her life experience and the strength of her unbridled fantasies. Now she distils the essence of those fantasies into fragrance; for her, the ultimate accessory.

The bottle is a modern take on the flask. Tinted in one of Carine’s favourite hues - khaki - its ergonomic glass form has been designed to nestle sensually in the hand. And as if that hand had somehow left its mark, its asymmetric curves surprise and inspire an aura of sensuality. Reflecting the light, the inner form is emphasized to accentuate the unique contours of the bottle through to its heavy glass base, enclosing the mysterious gleam of the Eau de Parfum within. Embracing the bottle’s contours, a silver label placed asymmetrically signals the name of the fragrance. Heavy in the hand, the silver metal cap contains an elegant magnetic system which naturally attracts it to the body of the bottle.

Carine shares her thoughts on fragrance: “I consider scent the most defining style signature, containing within each molecule the power of identity and the magic of seduction. I created each fragrance the same way I create a look - evoking fantasy, character and sensuality in each and every detail. As the notion of ambiguity attracts and inspires me, I designed a genderless collection of fragrances for those of us who dare to be desired.”

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