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Our experienced commercial team ensure all financial & commercial aspects of the business are closely managed. 

Key expertise include:

  • Managing overall brand profitability through pricing reviews, agreeing optimal marketing budgets, managing company costs & reviewing sales and purchase forecasts on a daily basis

  • Daily reviews of stock levels & future sales forecasts to ensure there are always ideal stock levels to support business needs 

  • Overseeing the entire distribution & logistics process to ensure consistent performance in tandem with the logistics team

  • Financial & management reporting to key stakeholders on a regular basis

  • Negotiating & agreeing trading terms across all retail & brand partners

Our logistics team provide support on all elements of the distribution process from order receipt through to delivery to the retailer. This is managed in conjunction with our warehouse partner, who are a market leader in the beauty industry. 

Key expertise include:

  • Order processing which  is carefully managed from initial order receipt through to customer delivery

  • Safe stock storage in a highly secure & temperature controlled warehouse

  • Daily reviews & reporting on stockholding down to a sku & location level

  • Statistical analysis and reporting on stockholding, stock turn & delivery timelines to ensure a high level of performance at all times

  • Creating & nurturing relationships with all partners through proactive communications to ensure complete customer satisfaction at all stages of the logistics process

If you would like any more information about how we can help, or would simply like to have a chat then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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