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Phoenix Beauty signs a service agreement with Unicorn Cosmetics

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Unicorn Cosmetics is a brand that started with a desire to develop products that transported consumers from the ordinary to the extraordinary; unrivalled in the market place and equal to none. 

“Impossible to Capture” 

At a time when cosmetics were generic with very little originality, CEO Mel Blue wanted to challenge the norm and with that, Unicorn Cosmetics was created. 

With no business knowledge or contacts in the cosmetics industry, Mel wanted to show that anyone can do what they were born to do – in this case, be the ultimate Unicorn! 

Mel revolutionised makeup design forever by putting out viral, one of a kind and iconic creations for everyday makeup use, breaking the boundaries along the way. 

Unicorn Cosmetics isn’t afraid to rupture the barriers of originality and continues to produce magical, cult favourite products with bespoke packaging, creative design and a whole heap of sassy attitude!

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