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Phoenix Beauty signs a distribution agreement with Banana Republic fragrances

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Phoenix Beauty Limited have signed a distribution agreement with USA fashion brand Banana Republic.

Banana Republic’s ICON Collection is a niche-inspired fragrance collection of scents that takes the consumer through an olfactive journey, exploring trend and stories throughout each decade of the brand’s iconic existence.

Created by sought after perfumers, each fragrance tells a different story of adventure through a distinctly modern lens. Banana Republic’s ICON fragrance collection is composed of eight unisex scents, each available in 15ml and 75ml.

As consumers’ tastes continue to be elevated, each detail from the experience of opening a luxurious drawer style box to the artisanal fragrances to the minimalist, modern bottle impression will delight.

Banana Republic will be launching in Debenhams in February 2019

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