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florence by mills beauty, Millie Bobby Brown’s beauty brand, breaks into the fragrance space

Updated: Jan 3

Introducing Wildly Me, an effortlessly light, floral fragrance with earthy base notes.

On September 11th, a London venue in the heart of Fitzrovia, was transformed into an enchanting, lilac, botanical garden carved out by blooming wisteria, violet flowers, and fresh lavender to celebrate the launch of Millie’s first ever fragrance.

The intimate event bought to life Millie’s vision for the Wildly Me fragrance development where bergamot and soothing sage intertwine with purple iris, blooming wisteria, violet flowers, and fresh lavender. Enchanting periwinkle florals are combined with sandalwood and upcycled cedarwood, rooting you in rich, earthy scents - all working together to help you feel inspired within your journey of being wildly yourself.

Guests were thrilled to meet Millie Bobby Brown who was clearly delighted to be able to share her passion and inspiration for this new and exciting development.

"I launched florence by mills beauty in 2019 due to the lack of clean, high-quality products available for myself and my friends," said Millie Bobby Brown, Founder of florence by mills beauty. "As the brand has evolved with me, I really wanted to find a fragrance that represented my journey to adulthood. Over two years in the making, Wildly Me tells my story of what it means to choose your own path, and being unapologetically, wildly yourself. I'm thrilled to finally be able to share this part of my passion project with the flo family."

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