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Banana Republic’s vegan fragrances launch into Superdrug

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Two of the Banana Republic’s ICON Collection niche-inspired fragrance collection Neroli Woods and BR:90 Pure White are launching in Superdrug from 9th October 2019.

BR90: PURE WHITE is a clean, natural feel that's subtly sensual, BR90: Pure White offers musk and lavender notes wrapped in amber scents for a modern interpretation of a pure, classic fragrance.

NEROLI WOODS – Inspired to work on this fragrance as the scent triggers one of my fondest childhood memories. Every summer, my family would go to the South of France for vacation, on that trip we would always eat Yogurt cake flavoured with Orange Blossom Water. The smell of Neroli and Orange Blossoms always brings me right back to those delicious cakes and carefree summer days at the beach.

Banana Republic’s vegan friendly Neroli Woods and Pure White will be available in all Superdrug stores from October 2019

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