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In 2019 Philipp Plein's unstoppable creative force led him to the conception and development of an exclusive fragrance collection. For the designer, it is a real expressive need: the desire appears from the outset to communicate the brand's values through a distinctive and recognizable olfactory signature, capable of leaving an unmistakable imprint on the market. 

The choice was immediately to work with Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, one of the most important signatures in the world of perfumery and, above all, one of Plein's most beloved noses. From this creative collaboration comes a collection of iconic fragrances, made with refined and precious raw materials from around the world. A constantly evolving olfactory project that celebrates perfume no longer as an accessory, but as an authentic protagonist of style.


A universe of opportunity.

A new code of masculine elegance.

NO LIMIT$ is the incipit of a sensory exploration between strength and determination, desire and subtle seduction: an intense and contemporary masculinity perfectly in tune with Plein's expressive codes.


With its bold and distinctive imprint, NO LIMIT$ is a new personality to wear: a true suit, seductive and casual, designed on the valor, strength and determination of men of power.


NO LIMIT$ is an invitation to enter an exclusive club where one can seize and amplify one's infinite possibilities and shape one's desires.


A daring creation.

An overdose of sensuality.

PLEIN FATALE is a daring and golden creation to wear just like the most feminine of gowns. An irresistible arm of seduction, harmoniously blending desire with a sense of headiness.


PLEIN FATALE is the olfactory portrait of an attractive mysterious woman, provocative and dangerous, a woman who is the protagonist of her own life, and the mistress of her own desires. An authorial statement that frees the instinct and reveals a sensual secret.



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