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A traditional and visionary perfume Manufacture

Les Eaux Primordiales Fragrance Parallax
Les Eaux Primordiales Founder - Arnauld Poulain

Arnaud Poulain founded Les Eaux Primordiales in 2015. 


A visionary artist, engineer and lover of the earth, he uses his many talents to fashion his fragrances as genuine works of art. His inspiration is sparked by a stream of consciousness: childhood reminiscences or emotions in reaction to a work of art. His constant quest for excellence and authenticity drives him in a never-ending innovative process. This craftsman of dreams carries in his wake ambitious plans for the future of Les Eaux Primordiales.

An Eau Primordiale fragrance becomes unique the moment it encounters its wearer.


To wear it is to express it. To wear it is to express yourself.

Les Eaux Primordiales - Ambre Superfluide - Image Feature-02


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