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Jusbox Perfumes is the encounter between Music and Perfume merging into one sound that evokes pure emotion. Music is the inspiration for each and every Jusbox fragrance. 

JUSBOX - Image Feature - Chiara Valdo and Andrea Valdo

Jusbox Perfumes was born in 2016. The adventure came to life thanks to creators Chiara Valdo and Andrea Valdo’s extensive experience in the beauty industry. 


Chiara Valdo and Andrea Valdo are the joint company CEOs and are at the helm of the creative laboratory V-Monkeys, leading Jusbox Perfumes on a continuous quest for innovation and absolute quality. Know-how, Design, Research, Heritage and Uniqueness are the brand’s core values.

Music and Perfume share an extraordinary power: intensely – and yet involuntarily – they share the ability to bring back the most hidden emotions and memories.


A scent that marked a specific moment in your life comes flooding back and suddenly memories re-emerge. In the same way, hearing a song that once meant so much to you instantly touches your soul, recalling moments you thought you had forgotten. It is no coincidence that music and perfume both speak the common language of notes. 


The perfumer, just like the musician, plays notes and chords to compose superb and touching harmonies. Knowing the strong bond between these two worlds, Jusbox Perfumes makes use of the language of music in order to make the true essence of its perfumes universally accessible.


In the world of Jusbox Perfumes, everything is inspired by music. Each fragrance pays homage to those music icons who have left a mark in the history of music and have influenced entire generations, and to those music genres which have completely changed the canons of music and opened new, innovative roads. 

The packaging is equally a tribute to music world. The essence is guarded in a precious glass bottle with a unique 78 ml capacity, homage to the first phonographic disc that played at 78rpm. The cap, modern and refined, celebrates the most well-known device in the history of music: the vinyl record. This one-of-a-kind bottle is held in packaging which evokes, both in shape and in the act of opening, a CD box; inside, a lyric book describes the inspiration that led to each olfactive creation. 



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