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BDK Parfums was founded in 2016 by a French designer, David Benedek, who is one of the youngest designers in the perfume industry worldwide. 

BDK image feature - Gris Charnel Extrait Black and white image

David wants people to choose their perfume as they choose a book in a library, where everyone can find their own book. 


By wearing one of the BDK Parfums fragrances and by reading the stories the brand invents, the customer opens their mind to an imaginary world.

BDK Parfums wants the customers to find a link between the fragrance they choose and their imagination.

BDK Parfums must empower everyone’s dream.

BDK Hair perfume flat lay image
BDK Fragrances stacked - Parallax

The box set, similar to a bookbinding, was crafted by a family run business in the region of Le Mans in France. The ink used is natural and the paper recycled.

When standing next to each other, this box set forms an encyclopedia of wonderful perfumes. The Collection Parisienne perfumes are inspired by Paris, its energy, its personalities, bodies and emotions.


The perfumes of the Collection Parisienne are constructed as a second skin, the customer can be someone else for the time they wear the perfume. David Benedek’s visions and observations are in the center of this collection.

Available from Harrods & Selfridges

BDK fragrances with boxes - showing encyclopedia of perfume boxes


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